Join us on retreat in Costa Rica.

SurfSoul Retreats

We're All About Soul – Surf,  Yoga and Energy Healing.

Learn to Surf on Retreat

Step away from the stress and busyness of everyday life, and step into the wisdom of nature. As you learn to surf and evolve your surf-skills, you will be challenged in a way that builds your strength and resilience–for both your outer and inner self.

After surfing, enjoy mid-day yoga. Class will be a meditation of movement with breath, in order to restore the body. Your yoga practice also includes crystal singing bowl sound healing to ensure that you experience complete relaxation of mind, body and soul.

Learn Reiki Energy Healing

Deepen your connection to your soul and awaken the healer within you. In our Reiki Energy Healing Courses you will learn the sacred art of self-healing and how to conduct healing sessions for others in person and at a distance.

When you experience the touch of Reiki, you feel held within an ocean of divine love. This initiates deep healing on many levels–physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To learn more about what learning Reiki can do for you, download our free e-book, Why Reiki.

The Blog

Open to New Pathways of Healing

Do you feel low energy, depressed, or down? Are you constantly feeling a bit of unease? Do you often get sick? Or are you experiencing the effects of a certain illness or disease? Learning Reiki gives you an additional path to healing. Reiki is first a self-healing practice. By learning Reiki you are empowered to […] Read More

Stilling the Endless Mental Chatter

Is your mind calm? Does your inner critic respect your space? Or do you constantly listen to negative mental chatter? Does your mind rule you, or you rule your mind? Learning Reiki empowers you to create a clear connection to the divine. This elevates your personal practice of meditation and your abilities to focus and […] Read More

Feel and Grow Love – A Guided Meditation

Have you ever wanted to feel more love in your life? … Who doesn’t right?! Well guess what, today is your lucky day. Enjoy this 8 minute guided meditation by Neomi, and start to feel more love in your life RIGHT NOW. Turn off all distractions, find a comfortable place to sit, and click below to […] Read More

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